Consulate Pride Reception

Consulate Pride Reception

July 27, 2023
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Consulate General of Ireland
1095 West Pender Street #1300,

Join the Consulate and Vancouver Queer Irish for their Pride Reception, featuring guest speaker, two-spirit community leader Niis Miou.

The Consulate, together with Vancouver Queer Irish, are hosting their annual Pride reception on Thursday, July 27. They are delighted to be joined by Niis Miou, a founding member of the Greater Vancouver Native Cultural 2 Spirit Society and recipient of the Medal for Good Citizenship 2022. Niis Miou will be the guest of honour and will tell us about their history and identity as a two-spirit person and community leader.

The Consulate are delighted to once again host their Pride reception in collaboration with Vancouver Queer Irish. This year, they wished to invite a two-spirit speaker, recognising that his queer identity that is unique to Indigenous communities is something even the most learned of the Irish and queer communities may not have a full understanding of, so this is an opportunity for all of to expand our knowledge and appreciation of this important identity.

They will also be featuring the Out in the World Exhibition again this year, which will be available to view from 5pm, with the official event proceedings starting from 5:30pm.

Some light refreshments will be served.

About Niis Miou

Niis Miou is from the Nisgaa Nation, and belongs to the wolf clan (lax Gibuu) from the House of Niis liis Yaan. English Name Travis Garret Angus a Two-Spirit mother & father of 3 beautiful young children through Fostering Agency of 9 years. Niis Miou is a living example of the importance of family and how to find Balance through community, governance, unity, family, culture and traditions.

Travis is a culturally and spiritually enlightened person who not only looks to his own journey ahead but also is aware and conscious for those that share the journey alongside him. Sharing teachings, traditions, knowledge, history, and goals of the Indigenous peoples is his way to strengthen and help others to understand and empower themselves.

Travis is a proud founding member of the Greater Vancouver Native Cultural 2 Spirit Society and serves the community as well as many Neighborhood Houses and Community Centers to understand the Truth and move consciously towards Reconciliation. He is also a member of the Indigenous Advisory Council of South Vancouver Neighborhood House and proud recipient of the Medal for Good Citizenship 2022 for his selfless service in providing food support personally and then in collaboration with SVNH and United Way, to the families in his community during the COVID19.

About Out in the World

Across the generations, Irish LGBTQ+ people have emigrated and found opportunities to live and love abroad. Yet this journey was rarely a simple transition from an oppressive island to a liberal wider world. Irish LGBTQ+ emigrants often faced prejudice abroad. Home, once a place of shame and silence, could also become a welcoming site of return.

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, in partnership with the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, are proud to play a role in illuminating this hidden history of Irish emigration in the exhibition Out in the World, curated by Dr Maurice J. Casey. Across six themes—exclusion, community, love, defiance, solidarity and return—Out in the World highlights 12 stories from the vast history of Ireland’s LGBTQ+ diaspora. The exhibition also features an artwork by award-winning Irish designer and multidisciplinary artist Richard Malone.

About Vancouver Queer Irish

Vancouver Queer Irish exists to support those who identify as 2SLGBTQIA+ within and connected to the Irish and Irish-Canadian community in British Columbia.

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