ICAN – Provincial Health Care in Canada

For the month of April, I/CAN are running a campaign called
Growing your awareness about Provincial Health Care in Canada.

This week’s resource: If eligible, are you signed up to the provincial health care plan of where you live?

If you are living in Canada and meet certain requirements, you should be eligible to apply for the health care plan in your province. Each province’s eligibility criteria, application process and services covered can be varied.

If you go the Mental Health Resources – General Health page, you will see “Is health care free in Canada?”. This guide will signpost you to where you will find the information on the eligibility requirements and how to apply for the health care plan in the province you’re living in:

Remember you can always contact I/CAN’s Social Care Advisor for free and confidential information and signposting.
Call/text: 778-689-9590
Email: g.goulding@irishcdn.org