Numbers of Irish

How many of us are in BC? It’s a tough question to answer. We know that according to the 2016 Census, there are almost 6,000 people who were born in Ireland. Add to that the numbers of newcomers here on the 2 year visas or those with PR, not to mention the summer student influx, it is estimated that there are 10,000 – 12,000 Irish in BC. Movement within Canada is not tracked so the statistics on people in BC on visas and/or with PR are not readily available.

However, check out these interesting numbers (provided by BC Stats):

Number of Irish entering Canada via BC in 2018


Increase in Irish entering Canada via BC from 2009 to 2018

Total Irish entering Canada via BC since 2009

Census 2016

Through Census 2016, statistics are available on the number of people throughout British Columbia who were born in Ireland as well as people with Irish heritage.

Irish Heritage
Click here for a map showing the 675,000 people with Irish heritage throughout British Columbia. Data was collected at the dissemination area level, or the smallest census level available. Find your neighbourhood, and see how Irish it is!

Irish Born
According to the census, 5,895 registered their place of birth as Ireland – check out these fun, interactive charts to see when the Irish-born came and where in BC they settled.