IWN Nollaig na mBan Event Photos – Jan 8

The Irish Women’s Network of BC kicked off their 25th anniversary by hosting a celebration of Nollaig na mBan on January 8 at Johnnie Fox’s, Vancouver.

It was a lively event with 60 women of all ages in attendance and thanks to the generosity of many, there were lots of great prizes. Thanks to all the volunteers for creating such a great welcoming and festive gathering.

Here’s a clip by Melody Jacobson of CBC’s Early Edition who came along to learn about ‘Celebrating Nollaig na mBan in Vancouver‘.

In Ireland, January 6 is a special day known as Nollaig na mBan (Women’s Christmas) when we celebrate the women who worked so tirelessly during the holiday period.

Traditionally in Ireland, Nollaig na mBan is the day on which all the Christmas decorations must come down—not before or after—or else risk bad luck for the rest of the year. When holly was the only decoration in Irish homes, it was taken down on this day and burnt.

As a reward for their hard work over the Christmas season, it was a day off from all house work for women and traditional roles were supposed to be reversed in the home: men did the women’s work in the house while women rested and gathered together informally. 

The custom was that women made social calls to the homes of their friends and neighbours and enjoyed tea and the last of the Christmas cake.

Please view the photos from the event below: