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The Ryan Story, written by Christine Ryan
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Vancouver Island
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For the natural beauty and sense of opportunity

The Ryan Story

It wasn’t the most auspicious of beginnings but it did get better! I started life in a Children’s Home in South County Dublin. Thankfully, I was eventually adopted by a wonderful young Dublin couple living in Cabra East, on the Northside of Dublin. We had a fabulous community growing up. Still to this day I consider our neighbors an extension of my family. My formative years were spent immersed in the world of Irish real estate as my Dad was a successful bricklayer, foreman and later, property investor. I’m delighted to say that I went to the girl’s portion of the same school as Consul General, Frank Flood! After my leaving cert, I went into the world of work and study and embarked on a 15-year long career specializing in conveyancing and probate at lively boutique Dublin law firm, Sean Gallagher & Company.

It was a (lucky) Friday the 13th that I met Shane Ryan in the Library Bar in Dublin. Shane was born and raised in British Columbia to Irish parents. He had been living in Ireland and the UK for several years at the time we met. We married and took a vacation to Vancouver Island to visit Shane’s parents. I knew immediately that I would one day live there. The natural beauty and sense of opportunity appealed to me. Several years later, our darling daughter, Elizabeth was born. My PR status came in around the time of her birth so a couple of months later, we packed up the family and headed to Victoria on a one-way ticket. I don’t think I realized what a life-changing decision this would be.

Fast forward seven years and I have never regretted my decision to move. I have immersed myself into the community on the South Island. I serve on several boards and committees. I feel so grateful and lucky to have a healthy family, successful career and wonderful lifestyle. I am a Senior Realtor and Senior Vice President of Sales with the inimitable Sotheby’s International Realty Canada.

For me, being Irish in BC means that I adapt to life in my adopted home of Vancouver Island by doing my best to contribute and make my mark all the while never losing sight of where I came from, my roots and my culture. I’m so proud to be Irish.

Today, my family and I divide our time between Victoria and our off-grid home on the Malahat mountain.

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